Let's build a devoted fan-base for your music project on Spotify and Instagram
Every day, it gets increasingly difficult to have your content organically stand out from the noise. Our agency specializes in running advertising campaigns for musicians to help your potential audience discover your music. Forget about bots and other shady schemes. We will bring you real people and real listeners.
Do ads really work for musicians?
Advertising is a basic promotional tool.
The important advantage is a guaranteed result every day.
From our experience, audiences interact very positively with creative content on social media.
Services for artists
In order to get more people to listen to your music, they first need to know that you exist.
We focus on growing your followers, listeners, and streams daily. Thanks to our strategy, your potential audience will quickly find out about your music. In the meantime, Spotify algorithms will help by sharing your songs organically on the platform via its playlists. A good streaming history can also help you get pitched to editorial playlists.
Our goal is to provide a sustained number of daily subscribers. Instagram offers audiences an entrance into their favorite artists' worlds. Listeners can get in touch with musicians and easily get updates on everything from new releases to tour dates announcements. A large Instagram audience can generate many opportunities: sponsorship deals, event and festival invitations, and more.

Spotify / Instagram
Agency Fee: $250 per month
Ad Spend: $300-$600 per month
Spotify + Instagram
Agency Fee: $350 per month [BEST DEAL]
Ad Spend: $400-$1200 per month
Total budget consists of our agency's fee and ad spend (the money being charged directly by the advertising platform). We recommend discussing the ad spend budget during the call with us, after we better understand your goals.

Additional Services
Playlist growth for labels and artists
We work on growing your playlist on Spotify. For labels, this is beneficial for promoting their existing catalog and upcoming releases.

Agency Fee: $200 per month, +$100 for every additional playlist
Ad Spend: $300-$900 per playlist per month

Facebook following campaign
Our job is to grow your fanbase on Facebook every day. The number of Facebook page followers remains an important metric for bookers and festival organizers. Thus, we recommend running a Facebook campaign in addition to Spotify and Instagram.

Agency Fee: + $100 per month
Ad Spend: $150-$600 per month

TikTok Following campaign
TikTok is an important platform for all creators. We will take care of your growth and your potential fans and followers every day.

Agency Fee: $200 per month
Ad Spend: $300-$900 per month

Here's how we work
Tell us about you
Send us info about your project.
Let's talk details
We can set up a Zoom call to discuss your goals.
7-day test
We launch a short campaign to see what kind of results we can achieve on various platforms.
Let's go!
If you like the first results, we can work on promoting your music on a monthly basis. It's a consistent, every day process with the goal of bringing you as many fans as possible.

About Us

Our agency is run by Andrew Kovaliov, artist and music marketer. Andrew started his career in the industry as front man of the indie band Brunettes Shoot Blondes. Thanks to his creative ideas, the band managed to gain 50 million views on their YouTube channel, perform at dozens of festivals across Europe, and receive various international awards, including at the Berlin Music Video Awards and Los Angeles Film Festival.

MusicfyPro also consists of a team of professional target specialists and video editors who will help make your growth fast and effective.

Andrew Kovaliov
Musician, Marketer
Client testimonials:
MusicfyPro agency has been very instrumental in growing my social media presence. Since we began our partnership, my followers have increased 10x (from 1.5k to 13k) and my streams have dramatically increased, from 3k to more than 400k. It's one thing to have a good product, but the team will make sure that they find the right audience for you.
City of Pines
Nick Clark, artist
Working with MusicfyPro was easy and highly effective. Their team provided continuous optimization based on results and helped us double our streaming —from 60.000 to 120.000 monthly streams—in just a few months. We will certainly be working together again in the near future.

Larysa Olshan, manager
We are very glad that we had the opportunity to work with MusicfyPro agency. They have shown their effectiveness in practice. During the work, more than 7.000 fans subscribed to our Instagram page, and the geography of our listeners has significantly expanded. We are very pleased with the result of this cooperation.
Denis Yambor, music producer
I've been working with MusicfyPro on several music projects for more than a year. I'm very satisfied with the results and can definitely see the growth over all of the platforms. Xi, the artist we worked on the longest, got some very impressive results with her Instagram and Spotify engagement. I can definitely recommend the agency's services for both emerging and established artists.
Den Fandera
Music marketer
It has been an absolute pleasure working with the MusicfyPro team. They have always come up with unique, interesting, and efficient approaches to finding and reaching one's audience. They consistently delivered their work on time and in a very professional manner. I highly recommend MuisicfyPro services to artists or producers who are looking for ways to find and reach their fans around the globe.
Bogdan Gumenyuk, musician and producer
We really enjoyed the collaboration to promote our music on Spotify. Even with the smallest budget, our profile has gained more than 2.000 followers, and the number of streams has grown from zero to 5.000-6.000. MusicfyPro have excellent tools for promotion and a competent approach to the process. Highly recommend.
Yurii Wodolazhskyi, artist
Do these ads pay off at all?
The main purpose of advertisements is to introduce potential listeners to your music project. Ad costs are partially recouped at the first stage thanks to the streaming platform's royalties. Globally speaking, it becomes possible to monetize your audience and make a profit in the process thanks to various sources of income: live performances, merch sales, sponsorship deals, etc. All this becomes possible after building a strong fan base, which we help to expand through our advertising methods.
Is it a good idea to advertise my music in certain cities?
We recommend this strategy for artists who regularly perform live. If the core of your audience has already been formed, we offer a scheme for working on targeted advertising in certain cities. Let's say you have 1000 subscribers in a certain city. You can expect that 15% -30% of those people will come to see you live (some will also bring friends), which, on average, can generate up to $3.000 of revenue. The price for attracting one subscriber can vary from $0.30 to $2.00, depending on the city and country. According to rough calculations, you will be able to get a return on your investment after playing just 1-2 shows.
Where do you run your campaigns?
We run advertising campaigns using Facebook and Instagram platforms. At the moment, these are the best places for finding and building potential audiences. We've launched hundreds of campaigns to find the best working schemes to help artists get discovered by new listeners. We can guarantee that with our help every dollar spent will get you the maximum number of potential fans.
How long do we need to advertise to see results?
Every case is unique. You will see the first results very quickly, but we also recommend running ad campaigns on a regular basis—for at least 3 months, and possibly longer, while your new audience is being formed. Our job is to bring you fans; your job is to keep them engaged and make them go deeper into your music and learn about your artistic world. Usually, it takes some time for people to convert from casual listeners to real fans. Streaming services like Spotify also require some time before the algorithms are triggered and your music starts being recommended via algorithmic playlists. It's not a fast process, but the earlier you start, the faster you will see results.
How about growing on Apple Music, Dezeer, Tidal, and other platforms?
Each streaming platform is important, but we mainly focus on Spotify due to its innovative recommendation and discovery algorithms. Every Spotify follower that we bring to you gives valuable data to the service, which helps the algorithm generate a lot of additional organic listeners. Millions of people use Spotify as a discovery platform—a place where they can not only consume music but also find fresh names and future superstars. We will help you become one of them.
Can I do all of this targeting stuff by myself?
Yes, of course. However, this might be a tough thing to do since you can waste a lot of money when advertising music. We have years of experience and knowledge of what works best and resonates with music fans around the world. With our help, every dollar spent will bring as much engagement as possible, which will save you a lot of money in the long run. Our job is to help you spend less and get more out of it.
Do you guarantee any results?
Unfortunately, it's not possible to say that something will work 100%. We have examples in which hundreds of dollars were spent but no people were reacting to the music. We advertise to real people, not bots. Every case is unique. That's why we tend to test things first to understand what's going to bring results in the future. You can be sure that we will do everything possible to generate growth. We are very honest and transparent with our clients. That's why you can always count on us.
Can we try and see if this strategy is going to work?
Yes, sure! There's no need to spend all the money at once. Let's try and see how well advertising might work with your project using a small budget. If you don't like the results, we can cancel the campaign any time.
What does the test period look like?
After discussing your goals via Zoom or email, we launch a short test campaign to see what kind of first results we can achieve. We run ads on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook to see how the audience reacts to your music on various platforms. At the end of the campaign, we analyze your results and discuss future plans. If you want to continue, we start working on a commercial basis.
Do you run ads from your own ad accounts?
Yes, and there are several reasons for doing this. The main one is that it's risk-free for your own ad account. Another one is that our Business Manager account has a good reputation and is supported by the official Facebook VIP team, which helps solve any issues and provides additional marketing strategies. Also, our ad accounts are tax-free (0% VAT), which means Facebook won't charge additional costs, like it does in a lot of countries around the world.

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